Why My FIFA 15 Coins Delivery Delayed?


Why My FIFA 15 Coins Delivery Delayed

It is frustrated if we can not get coins instantly from a FIFA 15 coins website. But it is quite normal for coins transfer delay. Here, FIFA-COINS.COM team list you why your coins delivery delayed and how to get your coins instantly.


The following possibilities why the coins delivery delayed:


1. EA Official Maintenance
Since FIFA 15 release, EA announced the new rules for coins deals and they down the system almost once a month. No one knows exactly when they will repair the glitches. But if you pay less attention to their social medias or place your order 5 minutes before the system down, your coins will delay. In such case, the coins website will never find your player if you just set your time remaining for 30 minutes.


We suggest you to set your Time Remaining for 3 days every time you buy coins from a store. That is 100% safe and safe to get your coins in seconds.


2. Out of Stock or Restocking
All FIFA 15 coins websites can not generate coins themselves. But we do not know where they get the coins to sell. Maybe from excellent players or EA do the job. Coins out of stock are normal, as well. In fact, we also do not know when they are out of stock or restocking.


In our opinions, if you can not get your coins in 5 – 10 minutes as they said in the ads, you should go to the Live Chat asking why.


3. Do not Finish Required Verification


You are not required to verify your order email and phone number by all coins websites. But if you are, that means you must follow their rules to finish your basic verification, especially you are the first time to buy with large amount of coins and pay for your order via Paypal & Credit Card.


It is safe and reliable, according to our experience.


In a word, to receive your coins normally, please set your Time Remaining for 3 days and wait ANOTHER 5 to 10 minutes after you paid successfully.


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