Why I Cannot Get My Coins in Time and What Should I Do?


It is the common thing for those who buy FIFA Coins cannot get their coins in time and still have no idea to do what to process their order. Today we are going to tell you the reason why you cannot receive coins in time what should you do to faster your order. As we all know, there are three ways for us to buy FIFA 15 coins after the price ranges by EA, including the Mule Account, Comfort Buy and Player Auction. It will take different time for different ways you choose to buy FIFA coins. The fastest way to buy FIFA 15 coins are the Mule Account and Player Auction because they just take 0-360 minutes for you to get the coins, while you need wait for 1-48 hours if you choose the Comfort Buy to buy FIFA 15 coins.

There are several reasons for you guys cannot receive FIFA 15 coins in time.
1) FIFA 15 (Buy New Account) – We are verifying the accounts and make sure it can be logged in and use. It takes some minutes.

2) FIFA 15 (Coins Recharge) – We failed to log in your account to transfer the coins to your account because:
① You gave us the wrong FUT security answer. If you are not sure or forget your FUT security answer, please learn how to reset the FUT security answer here.
② You bind your credit cards to your game account. Learn how to unbind your credit cards here.
③ You log in your account while we are recharging coins to your account. Please not to log in your account before you receive an email to notify you we complete the coins recharge.

3) FIFA 15 (Player Auction)
① You don’t list the player with the Start Price and Buy Now Price as our site shows so we cannot find your player.
② You don’t list the player you choose from the list

4) Other reasons
① Technical errors like Internet down-time
② Order in verification process
③ E-check payment takes 3-7 days to arrive
④ Stock-out coins are being restocked

What Should I do to process my order?
1. Knowledge Base – You can find most frequently happened cases of your orders. You can see 4 folders on the Knowledge Base page, and you can see more details after you open each one.
2. Submit a Ticket – If you cannot find out a solution, you can submit a ticket to describe the problem. We reply you in 30 minutes. 
3. Support Center’ is at the right of our page. You can’t miss the green button.

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