Where to get Free FUT 15 Coins – FifaCoin.com Free-to-Join Affiliate Program

where to get free fifa coins

Making money as a FifaCoin.com affiliate is a snap. Just simply place our banner ads or text links where your visitors, customers and friends will see. Each time a user makes a transaction from your affiliated you’ll receive a referral commission.


1. How it Wroks
- Become an Affiliate
Simply sign up with your available email and Paypal to set up your affiliate account.We will send an official confirmation message to your registerred email monthly before we transfer the commissions.


- Place Your Ads
Login to choose our banner ads and text links from your Affiliate, then place them anywhere on your own site or social media like blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. You don’t need to be a technical whiz – just a copy and paste!


- Earn Your Commission
Visitors who click through to FifaCoin.com from your ads are considered referrals. If they make a qualified purchase, you automatically earn commissions!


2. Unlimited Earning Potentials
- Commission Rate: A 8% commission is paid for every purchase from your affiliated link.
- Payout Duration: 10th monthly
- Minimum Payout: Affiliate can only be paid when the available commissions reach 20 dollars.
- Payment Method: PayPal.


3.Special Rewards to Affiliates
We will pick 3 – 5 affiliates as the ‘Best Affiliates of the Month’ 15th monthly, basing on the available commissions and conversion rate of the month. Winners will be announced in our website & social networks and rewarded with millions of FIFA coins.


4. Affiliate FAQ

Q: Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate?
A: It’s free to apply and the minimum referral that you need to reach before earning referral fees with our program is only $20!

Q: How to get my Affiliated Link and banner ads?
A: After sign up, you will be propmted to our Memeber Center. Just click ‘Affiliate’ at the left bottom, then choose ‘Affiliated Link’to copy your own link and banner ads dirrectly.

Q: Must I promote FifaCoin.com with my Affiliated link?
A: Yes. Commissions only be recorded via your affiliated link. If your visitors do not buy FIFA coins with your link there will be no commissions.

Q: When can I get my payment?
A: We usually pay you commissions 10th monthly only when your Available Commissions reach 20 dollars.Before we transfer the commissions, we will send a ‘FifaCoin.com Affiliate Commission – Payment Email Confirmatoin’mail to you sign-up email 9th or 10th monthly. Afer you confirm your payment email, we will deliver the commissions or coins ASAP.

Q: Can I get paid with FIFA coins?
A: Yes. We generally pay you money. If you need coins only, we can exchange your commissions to coins according to coins price of the day in our website. Just inform us in the ‘FifaCoin.com Affiliate Commission – Payment Email Confirmatoin’email.

Q: Can I get a discount code to promote FifaCoin.com?
A: Of course you can! If you can bring us 15 orders daily, we can make your 3% – 5% off code in your name. Just mail to us your apply for a discount code. But you can also use our promotion codes, like Xmas sale, TOTY special, to advertise us.

Q: How can I earn more commissions?
A: Here are some tips.
> Promote FifaCoin.com with your affiliated link, banner and text ads.
> Advertise FifaCoin.com in as many as platforms: Social Networks (Share our posts in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.), Picture Share (Edit some interesting pictures about us or FIFA then share in Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), Videos (Make videos about us like How to Buy, Giveaway, Pack Opennings in YouTbe and Twitch), Blog (Writing articles about us, FIFA, football, etc. with your link and the text ads.)
> Keep paying attention and promoting FifaCoin.com daily. It takes you only a few seconds.

Q: Can I get sponsored?
A: Yes. If you are really great enought bring us more sales, we will send you a email to invite you to join our Sponsorship.

Q: Are Affiliate and Sponsorship the same things?
A: No. They are quite different. Affiliate is free to join and open to all players. There are almost no requirements. While, we can only sponsor good and experienced Youtube, Twitch and forum channels. It is limited to join.


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