What You Need to Know about FUT 17 Ultimate Scream Cards

For the question that when you open the free pack, which is like those packs in Manager Tasks, is there any possibility to get the Halloween card. The answer is sure, of course it is possible. Check the top fifa coin websites to get more deals online.


For the question that your cards being unchanged after you have got the Halloween player day 1 card. The cards won’t be changed, and you must go to the market to buy a new one if you’d like to get that player’s card of the special version.


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For the question that whether the Ultimate Scream Players can be traded in the market, the answer is sure they can. As they can be listed in the transfer market during the period from 21th October in advance, and they still can be traded there when they got their boosts in the temporary during the Halloween holiday, but please keep in mind that, they can will be back the original initial upgrading rate of their own at the time of 10:00 A.M. Of the PDT on November 1.


For the question that in the Weekend League and FUT Champions whether you can use the Ultimate Scream players, the answer also is sure you can. And it is also the fact that you still can use these cards during the Halloween Weekend when they got their temporary boosts, but one thing you need to keep in mind that, they also would get back their original initial upgrade rate at the time of 10:00 A.M. Of the PDT on November 1. Click fifa coins comparisons.

For the question about the criteria for you to pick the Ultimate Scream players, you need to know that the Ultimate Scream Team is a 23-players curated list, and they are chosen on the basis of excellent performance on the real world, and also the FUT attributes together with their records.

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