What makes EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil so Different?

April 15,the day when EA SPORTS launch 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game modes ,exclusively for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is inching closer and closer.

What makes EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil so Different
Numerous fans will be able to get a head start lasting two months to try and lift the trophy before the tournament officially kicks off on June 12 in São Paulo.

After having a sneak peek at the game modes that will come to EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup, let’s just focus on some of the key gameplay improvements to improve FIFA World Cup experience seen never before.


1. World Class Control

Featuring an all-new control system, EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup will allow players to enjoy the game with two new mechanics, namely Response Dribbling and Pinpoint Passing.


Gamers can control players on the pitch via Response Dribbling to turn quickly and freely with ball on the feet. Now, gamers will beat oncoming opponents successfully when initiating the left trigger to slow a player’s speed.


Besides, thanks to the new flicks, dribbles and a Brazilian-inspired skill move, players will feel more satisfied to get by just about any defenders.


Pinpoint Passing allows a crisper and more responsive pass after adding new animations and improvements, bringing a more precise experience.


2. Set Piece Tactics

There are multiple factors to a successful set-piece, like constantly moving to find an open space. But now, gamers can direct their teammates when running to the near or far post, the edge of the penalty area, and have them crowd the keeper before creating a screen, all using the D-pad. On the contrary, defenders can react accordingly to assist guard the post and potential open spaces, goalkeepers can direct teammates to cover unmarked players, as well.



3. Over-the-Back Headers



A defender with great heading ability is always a highly sought after item in the Transfer Market. Defenders who can leap higher than the player they are marking now are able to clear the ball in the opposite direction with new over-the-back headers. Meanwhile, attackers can do the same in set-piece opportunities. An attacker will improve their chances at scoring a goal if being able to leap higher than a defender and get his head on the ball.



What’s more, winning the air battle now will be even more important than ever before.
4. New Penalty Kicks



In EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup, new mechanics including shot tuning and save animations make the intensity of the moment vivid into real life. In this game mode, players can make Penalties during a match featuring players lined-up along the edge of the box ready to react if the shot is missed. Keepers can additionally distract the kick-taker using Goalkeeper Antics.



5. Adidas Ball Physics

EA’s partnership with Adidas brings the most realistic ball physics system seen in a football title to the game. By using data collected by Adidas’ Innovation Lab in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the Brazuca and other Adidas balls included in the game react as they would in the real world, including true-to-life flight, grass friction and moisture that can alter the way a player moves with the ball.


EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup features over 200 teams, 7,000 players, 20 new stadiums and over 15 hours of added commentary.

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