What Fans Really Think Of FUT 14 TOTY

FGN262-0-642x336There is no doubt that EA Sport FIFA creates the best sports game all over the world again and again with FIFA 14 becoming yet another big title of football. Football is the world’s most popular sport which means that it would hot in the spotlight.


It is a few days after FIFPro, which is well known as the worldwide representative organization for all professional football players, announced the final players named in the list of FUT 14 TOTY. As usual, some fans and FIFA 14 players start complaining FUT 14 Team of The Year at Reddit to let out their anger and disappointment.


Most football fans agree that there is a conspiracy involving both FIFA and football club, Barcelona, due to some black box operations the love story between FIFA and Barcelona coveree have influenced the decision yet again.


Some even reveal that they would be really upset if both Xavi and Iniesta got added to the team. Bayern Munich won the treble last year and the more deserving player would be none other than Bastien Schweinsteiger. FUT 14 TOTY should feature more Bayern players instead of considering the popularity of the players or the club.


While Liverpool fans are calling for Suarez to be nominated in for TOTY. However, some refute that it is not Season but Team of the Year. If it were to be season, then Suarez is a must have name.


The team of the year has been poorly done, basing on the debate. Maybe, FIFA 14 players are not at all happy seeing yet another “Barca-team” dominating the list.


All in all, quoted a famous Chinese expression that “the peg that stands out is pounded down”, FIFA will go better and better.


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