There Reasons for Why You Cannot Carryover Your FUT 15 Cards and Coins to FIFA 16


According to the the carryover guidance of FIFA 16, we know that there are several things that we can carry over for FIFA 15 to FIFA 16. For those who really love his FUT 15 club and still want to play FIFA 16, they may want to know how to transfer FIFA 15 to FIFA 16 in a hurry. Today we are going to talk about the way to transfer your FIFA 15 Progress o FIFA 16 and explain the reason why you cannot carryover all the items from FIFA 15 to FIFA 16. Let’s go on.

First of all, we need to know that there are only two items we cannot carry over from FIFA 15 to FIFA 16. That is your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins and cards. You may feel disappointed about this news and feel sad about your best FUT 15 cards because you will lose them if you choose FIFA 16 to play. Don’t worry! Just leave your FUT 15, then you will start a new trip with the exciting FIFA16 and to build your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. There are three reasons to explain to the FIFA 15 gamers.

The first reason is challenge. As we all know, it cannot bring any new stimulating for the FIFA gamers to the same games and someone may feel boring to play the same gamers year by year, or even some gamers already build a good FUT for themselves. So EA decided to leave the FIFA15 and give you guys a chance to start the full new game in FIFA 16 and start to build your FUT 16 coins. It may be a challenge for most of gamers. But don’t worry. You will receive more stimulating and happiness. Just start it.

The second reason is the money. Start a new FUT16, then gamers may need to spend more money to invest to their new game and vanish their old one. They EA Sports can earn much money to sell FUT pack than the old one. If you don’t know where is the best place to buy cheapest FIFA 16 coin, just click to know the cheap FIFA coins websites. Then the third reason is the logistics problems. For a new game, you guys can enjoy a fair, competitive and sustainable game. And this can only be done once we start a new game.

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