Barcelona Club Is in Contact with Kingsley Coman

The Daily Sport today news: Barcelona club is in contact with Kingsley Coman, because Enrique may quit the team after the season, the club high-level managers start preparing in advance. The Barcelona “dream team” beltran said he is willing to be the coach of Barcelona. Check out the fifa coins online, you will save more here.


Kingsley Coman is a famous student of the Barcelona godfather Johan Cruyff, whose ideas conform to the total ideas in the Netherlands, who scored the winning goal in the 1992 champions league final, when he was at his player era, he played for barca for six seasons, and have won four times champions of the La Liga and one European champion. And when he retired, he successively worked as a coach at AFC Ajax, benfica, Eindhoven, valencia, alkmaar, Southampton. This summer he teaches at everton, the premier league this season has exceeded 20 rounds of matches, toffee ranked seventh.


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In fact, last April Kingsley Coman has entered the sight of Futbol Club Barcelona, at that time, Barcelona suffered failures for so many times, and then the Dutch positively responded: “if one day I am able to get the opportunity, I must go back to the nou camp.” But later Enrique led the team to get double championships of the league and Copa del Rey, Barcelona high-level managers gave up the plan which is to change the coach at that moment. Whether Coman becomes the barca’s next coach or not, the answer will be announced in June this year.


Andrés Iniesta attended the commercial activities in the beginning of this year and said: “ They did not give me a call, in fact I also did not have a translator. Every team has its plan, which all should get respect, and everyone all have their own dream and choice. I will think seriously about any quotation of the team, but I will not choose to go to any country and will not leave Spain. “


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