The Spin Skills Tutorial in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Recently, we have give you guys many kinds of guidance for different player cards and many big events in FIFA 16. Today we would like give you guys some Spin Skill Tutorial in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team so that you guys can know more about how to control the players in the match. Don’t miss this little skill because a small mistake will affect you lose the game. Good control and professional skills will make you earn much free FIFA 16 coins for the Match Coins Awarded. Keep reading to learn this skill well.





























As you know, it is not the hard skill to learn. Comparing to other difficult skill, it is quite easy for you to know it well and perform well in FIFA 16 match. When you try to perform it, just need to flick the right analogue stick twice in a diagonal direction to the opposite direction your attacking player is facing. So either up or downwards and this will activate the spin which confuses opposition defenders and changes your players direction at a rapid pace. At this moment, you should keep your mind wake up and know where is the best areas of the pitch. In fact, the best areas of the pitch to perform the spin skill are the inside the opponents penalty area and the either of the wings at the byline.


























Also you should clear something to make sure you are free in this position. You should see the whole playground and then decide to choose the clear sight to score the goal. What’s more, you just can use the spin skill with a four star skiller and above, or it will not work for your skill performance. Now it is the free talk time, you can check to buy the cheap fifa coins. They are specialized in recommending the top 5 fifa 16 coins sellers for you guys to know the best place buy fifa 6 coins. Check the banner below to win the free FIFA 16 coins. 3 winners will be announced on Dec.7.

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