The Secret Details for FIFA 16


Recently, EA introduced a new skills which is the star skill moves. This is the ability for players to have a good performance on the technical moves. It is good for you when the players own higher skills and you will do well and have a good cooperation with other players to create more chemistry. What’s more, it is also good for you to do the executed difficult movements to show your skills. Now there are a 5 start player list for FUT 16 for you guys to choose so that you can perform or do the 5 star moves. Next we are going to talk about the secret details for FIFA 16. Hush!

First of all, we would like to talk about the background which is the stadium from your FUT club. For this part, you can change and build your favorite stadium when you start the game. Second, there will be the pre-match animations for you guys while you are in the long pauses. Third, for the kits screen part, you guys don’t have to play FIFA 16 games quickly as before and you can slow down and control your step. 

Fourth, you guys can make a comparison for your player screen to make sure you can play a excellent games. Also you can make a comparison within the two players, including the stats and chemistry. Fifth, there will be a delight of the IF cars to meet many fans for different images. Sixth, don’t underestimate the FIFA Trainer which will do you a favor when you play games or you can miss it if you have a good control and rich experience for the games. 

Seventh, you can spend some money to join the FIFA 16 Draft so that you can enjoy more benefits for the FIFA 16, including the big FIFA 16 discounts, fifa 16 coins, fifa 16 points and pack openings. Eighth, you will be very happy to know that there are many packs in FIFA 16 and if you are the lucky dog, you will have the chance to use pack to play FUT Draft or win the player stars. Good luck to you. Ninth, Closed Beta has limited space. Not everyone will play it. If you haven’t received an invite to play, then you will not play. Finally, Every single year, EA creates a new pack opening animation. 

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