The Released of the Official Global FIFA 16 Cover

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In Recent days, the official global FIFA 16 cover was unveiled by EA Sports. As no coincidence, the Leo are still on the FIFA 16 cover, which is the fifth time for him to be the appearance of FIFA 16. This excellent Barcelona’s players got the cover of FIFA Street, FIFA 13, FIFA 14, FIFA 15 and FIFA 16. All the FIFA fans already have a look with the FIFA 16 cover via EA Sports’ FIFA twitter page and Facebook page, which is just the same as the third-gen consoles and fourth-gen consoles. It is not easy for us to find that the only difference between the former covers is the color of 16 in the logo, which is yellow in the platforms powered by the Ignite motor engine, including the PC, PS4 and Xbox One and it will be the in red in PS 3 and Xbox 360. 

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