The Reason for Fratton Park to Join FIFA 16


Recently, there is a bad news about FIFA and all the FIFA fans are in grieving for one person. His name is Simon Humber who is Creative Director for the whole FIFA games, including the FIFA 12, FIFA 13, FIFA 14, FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 left us at the beginning of 2015 because of the cancer fight. He devoted himself to FIFA series and build the stadium for FIFA 16 named Fraton Park and he really admire the Portsmouth FC for many years. 

As time goes on, the FIFA series are played by more and more people from all over the world and they FIFA games became a part of their lives. The most popular FIFA games, FIFA 16 make this FIFA series make a great progress via its development and the innovation, which is set by the FIFA team established by him and to partner with Portsmouth FC. In their joint efforts, they create a great stadium with 117 years for the game, which is one of innovation in FIFA series history.

Ashley Brown who is a Drector for PFC thought Simon is a great person and welcome by Pompey fans. He is a humorous person and loves his life and have a great passion to his job especially to the FIFA games. He tried his best to run Pompey and created the Fratton Park and spread the FIFA series to the whole world to make more and more people can enjoy football games although we are not in the World Cup time. What’s more, he made more and more FIFA gamers an enjoy the big stadium freely to build their FIFA Ultimate Team. 

There are only one and half month for us to enjoy and experience the FIFA 16. Let’s treasure the last period time for FIFA 15 and to be in memory of Simon in our way. If you want to buy the cheapest FIFA 15 Coins and FIFA 15 Points, check our website to know which FIFA Coins website is the best and cheapest one.

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