The Prediction of the Champion of the 2018 World Cup

Excluding the word “Defense”, individuals are optimistic about German strength, but they still hold reservations when they win. At the same time feel France, Brazil, Spain, Argentina will have a better show, Belgium or black horses.
1. The first thing I would like to say is that the strength and world ranking of the German team is beyond doubt. Even if Spain did not win the European Cup and win the Spanish dynasty after winning the World Cup, the German team is stable throughout the 21st century world football competition. Sex is still very good, coupled with the strong investment in reforms and youth training after Klinsmann took over, it is conservatively estimated that the German team will be able to blow out talent in the next ten years.
2. After the German team won the championship, they also won the Confederations Cup and U21 this summer. They are the second team and the third team. The main force of the team is almost on vacation. Although the strength and mistakes of the opponent have an impaworld cup 2018ct, they have to be sure. The fact is that this is indeed the cultivation and manifestation of its own strength and competition literacy.
3. Loew’s tactics and wisdom. They are all very decisive factors. Probably, there is not a national team coach who has led Lufie for a long time. He fully understands the characteristics of the players of the German team and has a lot of research on the training of new players and tactical arrangements. It also pays great attention to the research on the characteristics of each opponent’s game style. It is also very humble and kind, and the atmosphere of the dressing room, the cooperation and spiritual inheritance of the old and new players are all very good.
4. At the same time, the logistical support and preparation for each tournament of the German Football Confederation can be seen from the previous selection of hotel locations and training bases. These can be seen in Die Mannschaft, the 14 German record-winning movie, because of the World Cup in Brazil. It was held in South America. In order to better adapt to the local environment, it was learned that the German team set up a base for the hotel in the local area two years in advance. 5. Klose, who started his crazy career from the 02 World Cup, often missed the championship. Rising star Lahm, Schweinstedt, and Dolsky who had experienced the German football reform experienced the summer of Deutsche but still missed The Hercules Cup, including Hedi Lazir, who was later excavated by Loew, still remembers the German massacre at the beginning of the 10.12 race and still remembers the unwilling tears of these young people when they later lost in Spain and Italy. By the time of 14, Klosemert Sakram knew that this was their last World Cup. Schweinsteiger also knew what they were missing even after they had no glory in the club. He also knows how heartbreaking the failures experienced have been, including Hullug Cekecros. They all know that they are absolutely eager for such championships. So even if the last pig blood stained the field, even if Khedira failed to start with injury, but the chariot’s longing and persistence, enough of them, have this championship, and this champion, only with the award for such an overall football.
6, the German team is more new players this time, indeed unlike the previous session of Schweinsteigerm they have experienced many contests, so Loew’s trial in the Confederations Cup is also a wise choice, I do not deny this The strength of young people and the dominant position of German football, but sometimes the strength of the World Cup is on the one hand, but in the face of different national teams in the autumn, the urgent desire for champions and the overall willpower are actually even greater. The defeat in the middle of the tournament made it impossible for the German teams who weren’t the most luxurious lineup to be brave and beat morale. They didn’t want to miss another one, because they missed the regret that may have been a lifetime. This is still a bit worried that the new player can’t calm down, and if the team is likely to meet Brazil in the second place, it would have to be nominally defended, but the real prospects are still a bit worried.

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