The Introduction for the FUT 16 Draft Rewards

As we all know, there is new mode for FIFA 16. That is FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Draft, which is a new game mode inside in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. The is the big benefit for the FIFA 16 gamers, when you play FIFA 16, you should charge for the 15k coins fee and you can get a rewards for each times. However, you may still miss many kinds of reward for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Draft. Thus today we are going to give you guys a full introduction about the FIFA 16 Draft Rewards. Hope these tips can help you.























The basic rule is you have to pay the 15K coins or 300 FIFA points when you play FUT Draft, which is just like the users fee. But the surprise will follow behind. The more wins you get, the better are the rewards. When you end the campaign, you will get your rewards, for those who didn’t finish the campaign, they cannot get the rewards they want. For the rewards you receive, it is ok for you to trade in the market. Comparing to the single player mode, we strong recommend you guys to play the FUT Draft in the on line mode because it gets more chance for you to get better rewards. But it is easy for you to play the single player. The more difficult mode you play, the better rewards you will get.


















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