The Guidance to Solve FIFA 16 Troubleshooting Connecting Problems

According to EA Sport’s data, there are many people have the complaints on connection problems this year and the server is overload. For this problem, some choose to give up his FIFA Ultimate Team dream and enjoy his real life, while there are still other kinds of people choose to find the way to solve the problem. Thus today we are going to talk about the way how to solve the connection problem in FIFA 16 so that can help you to have a good enjoyment in FIFA 16.






















Before we start to explain the way to solve the problems, we should learn something about what’s the common problems for FIFA 16 connection. Here are the four normal problems you will meet, including the connection dropping too often, high lag, trouble finding opponents to play against and trouble connecting to FUT 16 even when the EA servers are on. The first way to solve this kind of problems is to check the server Status. All of these problems have the relationship with the EA server, so the first thing you should to do is to check the EA server whether is running.


















The second way for you to deal with it is to power off the network and restart your network equipment. What’s more, you can also simplify your setup and improve your wireless signal. You can to connect cable to have a try whether it is a way to deal with your connection problem. Besides, you can change the matchmaking options and maximise your bandwidth. After you fixed the connection problem and can go on to play your games, you may need to face the lack of FIFA 16 coins. Check to buy cheap fifa 16 coins.

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