The Guidance of FUT 16 Quick Sell Prices

As we all know, you will get some complemental coins for the player cards you discard in FIFA series. It is very useful to those who want to deal with the discarding player cards and know the best discard method to earn more money. It is not hard for the FIFA gamers to know any FIFA 16 Ultimate Team card for their quick sell value. Comparing to the other FIFA series, you will find that the quick sell prices are not always happen. You should know the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team quick price before you want to discard these your cards. 


Different players have different quick sell prices and you can check the table to know what exact quick sell prices for each FUT 16 players. What’s more, there are still other kinds of quick sell prices, including the managers’ quick sell prices, other staff quick sell prices, consumable’s quick sell values, club item’s quick sell values and so on. According to FIFA series history, it has been a long history for the quick sell prices, starting from FIFA 12 to FIFA 15.  


For the steps to deal with your discard cards, you should know the type of your discard price and then look for the quick sell value in different kinds of value. Some may be curious about the quick sell price for the TOTS card. Now you don’t have to worry about that because all the players no matter they are in TOTS, TOTY, MOTM, TOTW or Hero will have the same quick sell prices. Also they have the same price with the FUT cards. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for the EA tax when you sell these discard cards. The reason why you guys have the zero for the discard price is because it’s an untradeable card and you cannot sell it in quick sell prices.

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