The Guidance for the Attributes in FIFA 16

As we all know, there are many kinds of player positions. Different positions have different influence to the team. A good team need have a united cooperation. Don’t miss or ignore the attributes which looks like important parts. Thus today we would like to give you guys a guidance about the influence of the FIFA 16 attributes which play a important role in the game. Hope you guys can make use of the attributes and have a good arrangement to place the attributes players so that you can create the chemistry for your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team and increase the effects of the players cards.






















There is no doubt that there are six major attributes, including the pace, dribbling, shooting, defending, passing and physicality. What’s more, there are also twenty eight specific attributes that can be decided the major ones’ final value. It is not only one element to decide the attribute. It is a team work. Don’t forget to consider the Agility, Ball Control and Balance. Also you should take all the elements to every single player. One thing you should keep in mind is that every attribute have different weight, while some weight are more for the final composition. After check the attributes by position table, you will have many questions about the untrustworthy sources that is provided the information all over the web.































When decide or judge the vale for the attributes, the position is the most important factor should be taken into consideration. A high rating player cannot be calculated as the high value because it did nothing to the value. From the above table, it is not hard for us to conclude that these elements didn’t take the important roles in the attributes position, such as the rating. There is the unknown attribute that less people know it. That is the International Reputation. Last but not least, check to buy cheap FUT 16 Coins.

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