The Guidance for Healing Cards in FUT 16

Before this article, we have give you guys many kinds of guidance in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Today we still will go on the topic of guidance so that you guys can have a full understanding about the full FIFA 16 details and have a good strategy in your mind to manage your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. I believe that all of your guys must face the player hurt. Thus they cannot go on to play FIFA games. At this moment, you must feel nervous about games and want to make the player continue. Keep reading will help you solve this problem.






















As we all know, it is easy to face the situation that the player get hurt in the match, just like the player hurt in the real life. They need to heal and take a rest so that their body in good conditions. You may play FIFA 16 everyone and need the good player in each match and you cannot without him. In such situation, you can use the fitness card which is used for the injury player. Many FIFA gamers may choose the healing card to reduce his downtime but the best choice for you is the fitness cards at this time. Also you should have a idea that there are two kinds of healing cards because different healing cards are focused to different parts. One type healing card is used to the foot, leg, knee, arm, head, back and upper body. What you should remember is that the number of matches written in the player’s card is reduced according to its level when you use one of these cards.


















Not only the injury players need the healing cards, also other kinds situation you should apply these healing cards. It is not easy for your player get hurt if they are always keep your squads fitness high and avoid aggressive opponents. But you are not always the peace person when you play FIFA 16. Most of us are play the attacking and aggressive role in FIFA 16 match. It is the common thing to see your player injury. Keep in mind. Always make your player in good condition so that you can do a good job on each match. Wanna cheap FIFA 16 Coins and FIFA 16 Points to do pack opening? Check to buy cheap and safe fifa 16 coins online.

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