The Guidance for FUT 16 TOTS Cards


As we already introduced many kinds of FIFA 16 cards, I believe you guys must have some idea about the FIFA 16 cards. But don’t forget the most important FIFA 16 cards, that is FIFA 16 Ultimate Team TOTS Cards. This is the big festival in FIFA games and all the FIFA gamers will prepare everything to welcome this days. It is a high time for you guys to buy FIFA coins and open packs to get the best players. Once you miss it, you will regret for a year.






















For the history of TOTS cards, it was created and released for the fist time on FIFA 12. The TOTS cards is chosen by EA Sports and usually they build a teams with these players who are the real performances on that season but not for the full year. It will be selected from fourteen teams which are the popular league or region. The most difference between TOTS and other kinds of cards is that the TOTS cards is unique, which means it is impossible for you to look for the same TOTS cards in the regular cards. What’s more, one player means one player card.












For the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team TOTS Cards, its color is blue and there will be more than 250 cards in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. For so many FUT 16 TOTS cars, it will be released for 14 time and twice a week. You can to open packs to get this players and these TOTS cards will last for one week or 72 hours in packs. Moreover, comparing to other regular cards, the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team TOTS cards are usually four to six points. It will launch the fist FUT 16 TOTS card on May.

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