The Guidance For FUT 16 Managers

Until today, there are already 20 days after the FIFA 16 released. We have gave you guys many guidance on the Formation, Chemistry, Passing and so on. Hope these will help you do a good job in FIFA 16. Today we are going to introduce the one of the staff cards. That is the managers which play the most important role in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. You should use them when you join the main parts of the game. As a professional or experienced FIFA gamers, there is no doubt that you should get the managers and cannot ignore them like the other kinds of staff cards.






















About the functions of the managers, we would like to tell you two functions. One is they can help you to contribute to the individual chemistry, the other one is that they can extend the players’ contracts. Also the managers are contracts. What you to do is store the manager cards in “My Club” and then make the system have a rest. The benefit is that it will help you to make every contract apply automatically and according to the amount of them you have. There are 11 gold rare managers cards which will own 33% bonus and should pay 5,000 coins investment. There are still 11 gold non rare cards which own 11% bonus and need to pay 1,650 coins investment. Also there will be 3 silver rare cards with 6% bonus and the value is 900 coins investment.



















As the most important consumables, Managers have a great influence to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. It can defining the players’ individual chemistries and also can increase one point for the player’s individual chemistry. By the way, if you are looking for the best place to buy FIFA 16 Coins, please check www.fifa-coins to cheap FIFA 16 coins. You can get a 5% off coupon to buy FIFA Coins.

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