The Guidance for FUT 16 iMOTM Green Cards

As the FIFA 16 will launched after 24 hours, today we are going to give you guys the guidance about the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team iMOTM green cards so that you can have a full understand for this card. According to FIFA games history, we can find that the iMOTM card was created in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team in order to reward the best players for Euro 2012 matches. For the start, tghe color for these iMOTM cards were purple, while it has been changed into green in the FIFA World Cup 2014.


Just the same as the MOTM cards, these cards can only exist one iMOTM card for each match. EA Sports assigned the best players of each matches for the green cards and then you can use them to do the pack opening. You are able to keep your card unchanged if you have the regular card of a player elected iMOTM. What you need to do to improve the version is to buy the corresponding iMOTM version. If you want to buy cheap FIFA coins online, please check www.fifa-coins to buy.


For the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team iMOTM card, the color for these cards are green. There will be 0 to 50 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team cards to release. Now it is uncertain to know how many times it will be released for the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team iMOTM cards, while it will be released once a day. So you guys need to catch the time and don’t miss it. The iMOTM cards will be in packs for 24 hours and it usually one or two points compared to the latest TOTW card. The released date for the  FIFA 16 Ultimate Team iMOTM card will be on June. 

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