The Guidance for FUT 16 FUTTIES Pinks Cards


Are you ready to welcome the FIFA 16? The more closer to the FIFA 16 launched, the more excited we are. As the date close, EA Sports give us a introduce about the FIFA 16 Pro Players Cards. What’s more, the FIFA 16 demo is already released, so you guys can have a good time to download the FIFA 16 demo and enjoy parts of this game. As we all know, we already experience the FIFA 15 pink cards, the most exciting thing is it still will be the FUTTIES pink cards for FIFA  16 Ultimate Team. Thus, we are going to give you guys some details about the FUT 16 FUTTIES pink cards today. Hope you will like it.

On FUT 15, this was the first time for us to have a idea about the pink cards, which is similar to the way of the TOTW. One of differences between the TOTW and pink card is the color. Comparing the cards prices, you will find the pink cards are expensive than the TOTW players. There will be released a new exclusive players pack for 50k  and the pink Marquez will be regarded as a prize in the limited time tournament because of the cooperation between EA Sports and RED Apple.  


It is not hard to know that these cards are pink and there will be 11 cards in FUT 16. One thing attention, these pink cards will release fro one time and they will in packs for one week. The size of the boot is usually one or two points compared to the latest TOTW/MOTM card. Moreover, the first FIFA 16 pink card will be released on July 6th (TBC). 

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