The Guidance for Free Kicks in FIFA 16

As a professional FIFA gamers, you guys must practice for many times in FIFA 16 matches to improve your skills. In a match, the most important skills is to shoot and score a goal. Thus today we are going to introduce the free kicks in FIFA 16 so that you can gain some skills from our tips and guidance. There is no doubt that you should choose and decide to shoot in which angle when you shooting. An good angle can do you a favor to score goals.






















In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, it is necessary for you to select a player with the high free kicks skills and it will create more opportunity for you to win in a match. As we know, the best free kick players are Reus or Messi. There are for things you should keep in mind when you choose the player to show the free kick. First of all, you should choose a player who own high curve and free kick stat and make sure you can start to do this skill. Second, you can use the right-footed player to left of goal and use the left-footed player to right of goal. Third, you should pull the left stick and up at 45 degree angle. Fourth, you can shoot with two bars of power.



The second guidance is about the Power Free Kicks. It is really good skill for a FIFA gamers to show the power free kick. When you start to take a power free kick, you should hold RT/R2 and scroll through your available players. Comparing to the free kick, the common things are you should choose a player with high shot power and free kick stats and the right-footed player to right of goal and left-footed player to left of goal. When you do this operation, you should hold LB/L1 and push up on the left stick before shooting with B/O. Besides, you should shoot with three bars of power. Catch the chance and shoot it. Check www.fifa-coins to buy cheap FIFA 16 coins and FIFA 16 points accounts. Now check the fifa-coins you can get 15% off coupon t save money when you buy FIFA coins.

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