The Guidance for FIFA 16 Points

There is only 22 days left for the FIFA 16 released. More and more people worry about the FIFA 16 coins and FIFA points. Today we are going to talk about the FIFA 16 points so that you guys can have a full understanding about this. As to the FIFA points, you guys can buy it with your real money and then use them to buy the items in the games. The most popular item is the packs. FIFA points is derived from the FIFA 12 and only for the PC users. Now it is available for all consoles. 


You guys may curious about how to buy FIFA points. Do you want to buy FIFA 16 coins with the lowest price and best service? Then just come to to buy cheap FIFA coins and points. You can choose the FIFA coins sellers you want for the top 5 FIFA coins websites to buy FIFA points and as well as the FIFA Coins. Once the FIFA 16 launched, you can start to buy FIFA 16 points and coins on these stores.

The third question is how to use FIFA points. After you got some FIFA points for these websites, then you guys can have the right to use it and spend it. You will have the access to the FIFA 16  Ultimate Team Web App. Then you just need to log into your FIFA Ultimate Team on your console and browse to “Store” and choose which one pack you want to buy. Then you will need to pick to what you want to pay it with coins or points. However, you can choose the FIFA points if you don’t have enough funds. At last, you can open your packs to check which players you will get. 

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