The Guidance for FIFA 16 on iOS, Android and Windows Phone


With the development of information technology, the mobile phone became more and more smarter. There are more and more people use mobile phone with more function. Therefore, more and more FIFA gamers play FIFA games on their mobile phone. So they we are going to talk about the description of FIFA 16 mobile. 

We may called the FIFA 16 mobile before but now it has its own name in these devices, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. That is EA Sports FIFA. It aims yo make you have a good enjoyment while you play FIFA on mobile phone so that you can play beautiful on it. You can experience the excellent nail-biting goal, attack and the powerful win, which you never have before. It will make the games more realistic just like you play football game in your real life. 

Now we would like to conclude some characteristics for the FIFA 16 Mobile. First of all, it used the all new-engine for the new product to make you guys can control it more smarter and play it wonderful skills so that you can get more awesome goals. What’s more, it is easier for the FIFA gamers to play the pro enhanced hybrid controls and you can also enjoy every exciting moment after you get scores. 

Second, you can be the master to create and manage your FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA 16 Mobile also add many legends for your fantasy team so that you can build your FIFA Ultimate Team with many football stars. Third, there are more than ten thousand players to start the matches with other players just like a real world football. Last one, you guys don’t have to get the chance to make it unlock when you trade items and players. For the player exchange, you can get a better upgrade if you trade the higher value player, item or FIFA 16 coins.  
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