The Guidance for EAS FC Catalogue in FUT 16

Today we are going to introduce the EAS FC in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Before we tell you how to use them in your Ultimate Team, you should learn something about the meaning and know what’s it. For the FIFA 16 term of EAS FC, the whole name is EA Sport Football Club, which is the social network of FIFA. It is buy fifa coins  the important tool to close the relationship between FIFA and social. On the EAS FC, you can connect with all of your friends in FIFA and also you are able to share your success and happiness of FIFA to your friends or gamers. What’s more, you can send the gift or contact to your friends via sending messages to them. Just like the chat tool. It is easy to operate.






















For a FIFA fans, you can use this tool to make friends those who also like play FIFA and enjoy the games. You can exchange the FIFA experience with each other and create a team or club to play games. You may think the EAS FC is only available for the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. You may wrong. When you are offline for the FIFA 16, you still can stay connected to all of your friends. With this, you can know all the FIFA activities at the first time. For the second thing you should know is the EAS FC Catalogue, which is a kind of store where you can trade the Football Club Credits to earn with hundreds of items.





















Last but not least, you should know how the EAS FC Catalogue works so that you can make use of it. Your XP total will be seen in the EA Sports Football Club widget in the corner of most screens. Each time you reach a certain XP threshold, showcased in a meter that fills up, you’ll reach a new level. You can also compare your Level with all of your FIFA friends within the Leaderboards panel from the EA Sports Football Club hub.FCC is the abbreviation of Football Club Credits, the EA Sports Football Club currency. Don’t confuse with Ultimate Team coins. In the exact same way you earn XP, you’ll earn FCC. If you want to buy cheap fifa coins online, please kindly check to buy fifa coins.

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