The Guidance About FIFA 16 Passing

There is no doubt that all the FIFA fans can enjoy the FIFA 16 now and everyone is busy in playing FIFA 16. It is the most exciting moment for the first week about FIFA 16 and even some FIFA gamers have fun with FIFA 16 day and night. I think you guys must be already familiar with the new features and innovation about the FIFA 16 and already experience it. Thus today we are going to talk about the passing in FIFA 16 and list some problems about it so that we can help you guys to avoid these problems and enjoy a happy time with FIFA 16.






















The most simply problem is about the button. When you press the pass button, it can deliver the ball quickly so it often caused the miskicked. What’s more, you may have no power to make the ball pass to next player and make a miss in the match. Thus it is difficult for the FIFA gamers to make ball retention. Besides this problem, the massive issue is the short passing. It is hard for you to pass ball when you using the wingers in your team and choose the 4-4-2 formation. It is not a good experience for the player cannot do the reliably deliver and it will result in a minimal chance in actually keeping the ball as you would like to have.




























All in all, these passing problem will affect the FIFA gamers experience, so we hope it will be solved. Also we believe EA Sport will adjust these problems and do some changes to make FIFA 16 perfect. Perhaps you guys may have the confuse about where to buy cheap FIFA 16 coins. We strongly recommend for you guys, which is a professional FIFA coins seller review website. They always try their best to recommend the best FIFA coins website.

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