The EA Access’s Guidance for FUT 16


With the approach of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, there is a new item, which named EA Access. This is a just like the subscription like the YouTube and the only difference is you need pay for this program so that you have the right to use it to have the access for video games for this kind of Electronic Arts. Now onlue the owners of Xbox One can have the chance to subscribed the EA Access. It is a pity for the PS 4 owners without this program because the producer Sony has made the similar program like the EA Access, which was named Playstation Now. The gamers can have the right to play the famous games launched by EA Sport, including the Battlefield four and the Titanfall.

For those who pay for this program and own the EA Access are able to eclipse the FIFA 16 and enjoy it for six hours, which is 5 days early than the game launched. Beyond all question, this strategy will improve the sales for FIFA 16 and create more achievements. Those who have the EA Access get the free access. They can choose the “The Vault” at any time they want and the only condition is that they should make themselves to be the subscribes when they want to enjoy this service.

Another question is really important to those who are the holders the EA Access because can enjoy the 10% off for the other items, such as when they want to buy the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team packs, the full games of FIFA 16  and any other kind of items of EA. I have to say that it is really a good choice for those who have the plan to go on playing FIFA series games.

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