The Carryover Guide for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

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Nowadays, there are many people waiting for the FIFA 16 launched, even many players. First of all, we need to learn more about the difference between FIFA 16 and FIFA 15 and what’s the carried over from FIFA 15 to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. According to the EA Sports, we already knew that there are many players will be carried over to FIFA 16. Now we would like to introduce the carryover from FIFA 15 to FIFA 16. First, we would like to tell you something that will not be carried over to FUT 16, including the coins, cards, EASFC catalogue items, match history, current division, trophies and XBOX achievements or PSN trophies. Then carryover things include XP level, FC credits, one-time changeable club name and FIFA Points. 

Don’t Carryover from FUT 15 to FUT 16
The coins cannot be carried over to FUT 16.

You cannot carry your good players from FIFA 15 to FIFA 16 because none of your cards in your FUT 15 club cannot transferred to FUT 16, including the players, staff, consumables and your club items.

3.EASFC Catalogue items
EASFC Catalogue items which is used to increase the targets and transfer lists, receive coins bonuses, change the club’s name and so on, but you cannot take it to your new games, FIFA 16.

4.Match History
You will lose your FIFA 15 things including the wins, draws, losses history because it will be carry over to FIFA 16.

5.Current Division
You can get your relegated to division 10 when you start to play FIFA 16.

Just the same as before, you will lose all your tournament and season titles when you start the trip with FIFA 16. 

7.Xbox 360 Achievements or PSN Trophies
One thing you need to pay attention is that the achieving objectives that each console grants you will not be related to FIFA 16.

Carryover from FUT 15 to FUT 16
1. XP
You still can maintain your XP, which will make you get more benefits, comparing with the beginners. This is because you can have the right to several EASFC Catalogue items while the fresh cannot.

2. FC Credits
You can use the FC Credits to buy EASFC Catalogue items and it will be online before the XP.

3.One-time changeable club name
You can have your choice to decide whether you want to change your FIFA 16 club name for the first time to start to play FIFA 16. 

4.FIFA points
You can transfer your FIFA Points from FUT 15 to FUT 16 and you even can buy some FIFA 15 points and save them for FUT 16 launched. 

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