The Ability of FIFA 19 Players Announced – Ronaldo Topped the List

As the most popular football game, the FIFA series has a very high status among football fans and game fans. Although the latest FIFA19 game has not yet been officially released, the player’s latest ability value has already been released.

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In the latest exposure of the FIFA19 player’s ability value TOP20, just transferred from Real Madrid to join Juventus’ C Ronaldo, with 94 points to top the list. As the cover of FIFA19, Ronaldo also continued his rule in this game. Although he is 33 years old, FIFA still believes that Ronaldo will continue his magical play in the new season.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s old rivals Messi and Neymar ranked second with a difference of one point, and the two stars had a score of 93 points. Messi and Neymar have suffered some setbacks in their respective clubs and national teams this past season. Messi hated the Champions League quarter-finals, Neymar injured for 3 months, which affected their score to some extent.

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In addition to C Romesi and Neymar, five players have a score of 92 points. Among them, Dehea and Lewandowski scored a bit controversial, both of them were in a downturn during the World Cup. This rating may be more of a consideration for their performance at the club. In addition, the three stars of Azar, Suarez and De Blaunet also reached 92 points.

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In addition, there are 2 players with a score of 91. They are Real Madrid captain Ramos and Bayern goalkeeper Neuer. In addition, the ability to reach 90 points is also the two Real Madrid stars, the team’s German midfielder Cross and the excellent performance during the World Cup, leading the Croatian team to get the runner-up Modric.

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From the top 20 of the list, Serie A Juventus and La Liga Real Madrid are the two most selected teams, each of which has four players into the top 20. In Manchester City, which won a record percentage in the Premier League last season, three people were also shortlisted. In terms of player nationality, four of the Argentine teams who have stopped at the World Cup this year have entered the top 20.

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