Real Madrid January transfer – Mariano the most popular player in the window

January transfer window is going to open, and there is a player in real Madrid who has received a lot of offer from lots of the European teams, his name is mariano.


According to the news of the Diario AS, real Madrid office has received many quotes about mariano, these teams are interested in loaning real Madrid’s third striker until 30th June of next year. Not only from la liga, but the serie A and other teams are interested in him.


It is understood that sevilla is keen on loaning mariano, but he has taken part in the champions league game, in other words he once transfers, he couldn’t on behalf of sevilla take part in the champions league.In addition, because of the escape clause on loan, he couldn’t attend the king’s cup and the league game against real Madrid. In addition to sevilla, malaga, deportivo la coruna, Spain, valencia, Leganés etc. Are also interested in him. (Check out the cheap fifa coins for big saving now.)

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For the bundesliga side, Frankfurt also was interested in mariano, after they loaned the real Madrid player vallejo, he also signed the real Madrid mas karel. Lazio was interested in him also.

But according to the news of marca, mariano will choose to stay at his original team, to continue to fight for real Madrid team to participate in the competition. And he said he was confident with his ability, and believed he can succeed in Madrid. Last year he signed with real Madrid to 2020, he hopes to get playing time at real Madrid, especially like king’s cup match.

This season, mariano has scored five goals for real Madrid, at the moment he can get a ball every 31 minutes. Mariano efficiency is high, and scored 27 goals last season for for cassidy.

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