Some Common Problems for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Web App

After the web app maintenance for several days, now the web app is live now. There is only 7 days left for the FIFA 16 launched. Although there are many innovations and new elements in FIFA 16, from the FIFA 16 demo, it is not hard for us to see some common problems in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Web App. Today we are going to analysis the FUT 16 common problems so that you guys can keep calm when you face these problems. 


The first problem is you cannot log into the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team web app although you already registered in origin. For the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team web app, there will be a security question and answer for you to get into the system, so for those who are fresh man in the FIFA games need to play on the consoles first before you get into the web app. If you still cannot log into the FUT 16 web app, the reason is that you need to clean the cache of your browser and try other browser.  


You should use he CTRL-to zoom out to before you see the whole window, then you can have a view for the full screen of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team web app. One thing you should remind you just can buy FIFA Points and log into the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Web App on your mobile before the game release in the early access of EA Access subscribers. Someone may be interested in the daily gifts, which will released on the September 15th after the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Web App begin. Because the daily gifts only for one per day, pay attention to the news and never miss it. If you want to buy cheap FIFA 16 coins and FIFA 16 points, please check the to know the best place to buy safe and cheap FIFA coins. Or you can click here to buy.

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