Six Common Mistakes in FUT 14 Trading and Tips to Fix

 Six Common Mistakes in FUT 14 Trading and Tips to Fix

Here, lists six common trading mistakes many FUTers make. Just remember that all prices used in the examples are only available for Xbox.



Investing in the correct players at the wrong times
It’s quite normal. For example, Lukaku, before his excellent performance for Everton against Newcastle scoring twice and assisting once within 32 minutes, was going for around 5k while around 18k at half-time when is a very difficult time to make coins, since he was selling for around 11k in the following morning! If you had missed the boat the first time around, accept it and move on, as this was the time to purchase him in bulk as he was almost guaranteed to feature in the upcoming TOTW. NEVER panic buy!

Bothering to check the Transfer Market before selling
Taking Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey as an example, when he received an in-form in TOTW 1, his non in-form version was selling for 2k + and this version being listed for around 1,000 coins during this time (his going rate just days before). Checking the value of players in their attached Chemistry Styles is also important.



Selling popular players with Chemistry Styles attached for their basic Chemistry Style prices
First, you should know how much the attached Chemistry Style is worth by searching on the Transfer Market, then to know the value of your player in their basic Chemistry Style. After that you should then search for your player in that Chemistry Style and check his value. If very few are listed then sell for the basic Chemistry Style player price plus the attached Chemistry Style price. You will notice that the most expensive Chemistry Styles are Hunter, Shadow and then Catalyst.

Keeping your Start and Buy Now Prices far apart
Keeping your Start and Buy Now prices as close as possible is necessary when selling cards, because many players will be more inclined to wait until your auction finishes if there is a big enough gap between these prices. For example, several weeks ago we tried to purchase in-form Reus at the cheapest Buy Now for 200k, however his Start Price was 190k so we decided to take a gamble and bid instead. Fortunately, we purchased IF Reus for 190k! But if his Start Price was 199k we would have bought him instantly for 200k, meaning that we would lose lots of coins!

Listing players on bid for below their discard or quick sell value
Those who have made this a coin making method in its own right often bid instantly on the players listing below their quick sell value for 50 coins cheaper than this value. In fact, others will not bid unless the player is worth more than their discard value. Many smart traders will search around the 59th minute and bid on as many of these players before anyone else can. In such case, you should be quite familiar with discard values of player or consumable card!

Buying a player just because it’s the cheapest on the Transfer Market
Although a high-end player including Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi is listed the cheapest on the market, it doesn’t mean they are of good values. Instead, gamers are always willing to stick up players that don’t get listed in high volume for whatever price. Gamers should look to add roughly 10 to your Watch List to analyze what they go for on bidding since every player has a true value.


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