Recommend Ten Celebrations for FIFA 16


Recently, there was a news about the FIFA 16 celebration guidance which public by EA. They offered a list for the running moves and pro unlockables and EAS FC unlockables to introduce the FIFA 16 celebration. What’s more, they also public the FIFA 16 celebrations buttons on Xbox and Playstation and they combine the running moves action together with the button on Xbox or PS so that the FIFA gamers can do the operation by themselves and the feeling is just like they own many FIFA 16 coins in the game. 

The Celebration is a exciting moment for the FIFA gamers to score a goal. It is also a way to show the FIFA gamers professional skills. Different combination for different buttons will present the different performance for the player’s happy time. Sometimes they will dance with their players or give a huge hug to their players, even they can kiss each other. Some gamers think that there are ten celebrations for the real world football matched should be add in the FIFA 16 celebration.

The first one is the iconic celebration for its epicness which is always regarded as the best celebration. Zidance do this celebration to fall he can to jump the advertising hoardings. The second one is the Icelandic club FC Stjarnan. He pretend to roll in teammate to act as a fish after scoring a panenka. The third one is the Wayne Rooney Mocks Boxing video in goal celebration. The fourth one is created by the midfielder Mario Djurovski. He was given a red card after he took off his trousers, which was regarded as the ludicrous celebration by the coach. The other celebration cover German “tank” , Bellamy golf von kokoretsi, Levesque taking a dip, Finidi George Dog Celebration. All of these celebration is really funny and bring the audience with ease and passion. Click to buy cheapest FIFA Coins and Points.

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