Real Madrid Has Chosen Three Players as Choices of Main Positions

Pepe may say goodbye to real Madrid in the summer of next year, Real Madrid will have too many problems to deal with the configuration of the center defender. Marca, points out that real Madrid will recall the center defender vallejo, and it is also likely to turn to the transfer market, signings for the centre halfback, strengthens the team’s strength. Marca revealed three players who are associated with real Madrid. Buy fifa coins now if you cannot waiting for more deals.


1) Marquinhos: the choice of the most expensive

Marquinhos is a 22-year-old Brazilian international footballer, over the past two seasons, he is the signing target of Barcelona and real Madrid. Debuted in corinthians AnQingXun camp, now he is playing for Paris saint-germain club, and is still in growth period, not show all of his potential. But any club who wants to get Marquinhos is bound to pay a high fee, in addition, the relationship between Florentino and the Paris chairman nasser is very bad, which also makes the deal not a reality. However, from the point of view of technology and tactics, Marquinhos is very suitable for real Madrid.


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2) Iñigo Martínez: the choice of the most reasonable

Over the past few seasons, Iñigo Martínez has been one of the most security ring of the royal society defense. From the Angle of trade, he’s better and easier than Marquinhos in terms of operation. Now, he has played 200 games, and after that, he appeared the Spanish national team of Julen Lopetegui. At the aspect of Real Madrid, it can bear his euro 30 million penalty due to breach of contract. But considering the failure transfer of the Asier Illarramendi, Iñigo Martínez may not want to move to real Madrid to play football.


3) JOSé MARíA GIMéNEZ DE VARGAS: real Madrid once wanted to buy him


This season, in the competition of the central defender, savage Jimenez become main force, but the real Madrid is closely watching JOSé MARíA GIMéNEZ DE VARGAS. In January, he is turning  22 years old, his penalty due to breach of contract is 65 million euros. Before that, the real Madrid considered his potential and ability, once wanted to pay penalty due to breach of contract to sign him.

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