New Products Online: FIFA 16 Voucher Pre-Sale!


As the websites updated and the closer of FIFA 16, FIFACOINSZONE has added three kinds of new products, including the Playstation Network, Xbox Live and FIFA 16 Voucher. Today we are going to introduce these three new products to you guys so that you can enjoy more discounts for the FIFA 16. 

Top One: FIFA 16 Voucher
FIFACOINSZONE launched the FIFA 16 Voucher and the FIFA gamers can buy it although there is one month for FIFA 16 launched. You can buy it first and use it when the FIFA 16 launched. This is the big discount for the customers. You just need cost less and get more. Now there are four kind of FIFA 16 Voucher. That is $10 (Cost $8.50), $30 (Cost $25.50), $50 ($42.50) and $100 ($85.00). Another question is how to use this FIFA 16 Voucher. First, you just need to proceed to check out, which is just the same as any other purchase. Second, you will receive an email with a unique voucher code once you order has been processed. Third, just type in the voucher code to checkout for your FIFA 16 products FIFA 16 coins

Top Two: Playstation Network
There are two kinds of products. They are PSN Cards-UK and PSN Cards-IT. For the PSN Cards-UK, you can choose Playstation Network 10 GBP UK ($15.99), Playstation Network 15 GBP UK ($24.99) and Playstation Network 365 days PLUS UK ($56.99) to buy. For the PSN Crad-IT, there is only one choice. That is Playstation Network 20 EUR IT ($21.99).

Top Three: Xbox Live
There are two kinds of products. One is Xbox Live Cards and another one is Xbox Live Gold. For the Xbox Live Cards, you have two choices. One is Xbox Live Vard-50 Euro ($49.99) and another one is Xbox Live Card-10 Euro ($ 10.99). While for the Xbox Live Gold, there are four kinds of products, including 3 month subscription ($15.99), 3+1 month subscription ($19.99), 6+1 month subscription ($24.99) and 12 month subscription ($35.99).

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