Hey comrades, the world of football is crazy exciting right now. Not only do we have the World Cup going up, but early FIFA 19 details have leaked as well!

Be sure to listen to the episode below and the bonus episode at the bottom of the article to find out everything new with FIFA 19 that we know so far.

New Custom Tactics in FIFA 19

It looks like FIFA is taking another page from PESbook. In FIFA 19, it looks like youll be able to precisely edit how many players join your attacks, and how deep your team sits. This could have a huge impact on gameplay, because you could counter the popular 41212(2) formation finally.

Furthermore, youll be able to decide how many players to send up for corners. This should drastically reduce the amount of corner counter attack goals that happen in FIFA.

Its nice to see a shift from arbitrary sliders to clearly defined gameplay systems.


Defensive tactics will function similarly, and youll be able to set what your team does upon losing the ball. Do they run back to reform? Should they press the ball carrier? Should they pressure across the entire pitch or just your own half?

A lot of these defensive options were theoretically possible in FIFA 18, but with the sliders not being clear on how and when they affected gameplay, unique tactics didnt really end up being viable.

Hopefully, the AI will be updated accordingly so that it can accommodate a variety of playstyles. Itll be really interesting to see if FIFA 19 formations and tactics start to mirror real world build up, instead of video gamey ping ponging across the pitch.

New Game Plans in FIFA 19 And New Shooting

Taking cues from PESdesign again, FIFA 19 will let you save multiple game plans.

Lets say you like to start off with 442 but want to play safer if you go up.

Well, instead of pausing the action and redoing all your tactics, you can set them up in advance change them mid match and your players will react accordingly. This should greatly improve the flow of matches and encourage a lot more creativity on the pitch.

Speaking of creativity, were bound to see more of it with the new shooting mechanic.

Double tapping the shoot button will no longer get you easy driven goals. Theres now a timing element to shooting. If you can time your shot well with a 2nd button press (think of it like controlling the animation), youll perform a good shot.

Were really looking forward to this change because it has the potential to maintain a skill gap. If scoring requires tactical awareness and practical ability, we wont be seeing the massive scorelines FIFA 18 is infamous for.

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