New Eight FUT 16 Legends Confirmed


Recently, more and more news about FIFA 16 and we can know the progress and details about FIFA 16. All you guys are get ready for the FIFA 16 and waiting for FIFA 16 launched. 
As time goes on, we are getting closer to the FIFA 16. All the FIFA series games are more and more excited to this news and even some FIFA 15 gamers thought the FIFA 15 is dead. It is easy for us to know that these kind of gamers love the new and loath the old, while some people still play FIFA 15 everyday and treasure these days left. I have to say that they are really smart and the true gamers for FIFA 15 because the FIFA 15 coins is really cheap during this time and they can use less money to buy plenty of FIFA coins to enjoy their game.

Yesterday, there was a good news for FIFA 16. That is the confirmation for the FIFA 16 Legends. According to the news, there will be 8 fresh Legends in FIFA 16,which is really a good news for all the FIFA 16 fans. After finished reading the good news, we can know that these eight fresh legends will be the members of exciting fifty six legends on two consoles, covering the xbox 360 and xbox one. You will get the chance to realize your football dream as the famous football start like Sir Bobby Moore, Roberto Carlos, Deco and Peter Schmeichel are in the eight fresh legends.

With so many fresh legends for the FIFA 16, it will easier for the gamers to create the legends chemistry for their FIFA Ultimate Team. It will enhance the team chemistry between the legends players as you can make your legends to match any of the players in your team and it will show the orange link with them. 

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