Messi Shouted At Argentina Teammate Angrily

For the Barcelona game against villarreal, messi scored a free kick world wave at the last moment, let the team avoid the loss, but Argentina superstar was not happy, because after this match, Barcelona had fallen 5 goals behind the real Madrid. And in the match, messi and his Argentine fellow Musacchio clashed, he even shouted at his international team-mate angrily. If you want to get cheap fifa coins now, just check out fifa coins for sale.


That is the 19th minute of the match, messi got the ball at midfielder, but was intercepted by two players of villarreal, Musacchio tried to steal Lionel messi’s ball with rough action, Barcelona superstar was put down. Referees judged it fouls, Lionel messi was sitting on the ground and felt every unsatisfactory, but Musacchio was back up, and spread out his hands to express his innocence.

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After getting up later, messi scolded Musacchio, while the latter looked busy explaining why. The Argentina ole newspaper reported, what messi then blurted out was a Argentina countries curse.


Musacchio is a former riverbed player, he also was listed in the names of the Barcelona World Cup preliminaries, that is to say, Lionel messi and he is international team-mate. And for such scene, Argentina ole newspaper appealed to a way: “the boys, all calm down!”


The Daily Sports gave messi nine points after the match, and said he is “perfect,” and the comments pointed out: ” Argentine leads Barcelona’s football, he will take Barcelona to good place with the great lengths. Good cooperation, creating opportunities, fast attack… he never despair, have also made a free-kick world wave as compensation, his goal saved at least 1 point for Barcelona. At the final moment messi draw back midfield, carried his team without hesitation to his shoulders.”


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