Manchester United Anthony Martial Told José Mourinho: Will Consider Leave the Team

Although Manchester united is not willing to let Anthony Martial leave during the winter, the French seem to have other ideas, his agent said publicly that they are considering accepting the sevilla’s invitation. After the media disclosure, sevilla are tended to on loan Anthony Martial during the winter, but Mourinho did not want to let him go, because the team needs lineup thickness. However, Martial ‘s agent, felipe said will consider sevilla’s invitation. Where to get free fifa coins? Check out the answer.

“We are studying the choice of sevilla, looking at the details. It is a very good club, sevilla in La Liga situation is good, can play in the champions league, there is also a good coach. This is what I can say.”

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The agent’s statement seems that there is some other meaning. Martial now at Manchester united is not absolute main force, and became a rotation player, sometimes even to substitute, obviously, the French people are not satisfied with it. On last season, he is the important player in Manchester united, this year’s fall let him cannot get used to it.”This is an challenge that I must go through,” said Anthony Martial at the beginning of this month, “as a player, I also is in the growth, it is very difficult, because the only thing you want to do is to play the match on the pitch, help the team, but if sitting on the bench, you can’t do it. But for the choice of the coach, I have to accept it.”

The attitude of Anthony Martial is more implicative, but the words that his agent openly said somehow have put pressure on Manchester united and José Mourinho. Anthony Martial does not want to go to sevilla, but the team wants to make some momentum in the court of public opinion, allows Manchester united to pay more attention to him, it is not uncommon for the agent to do this kind of thing.

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