Making FIFA Coins with FUT 14 Winter Upgrades



With Winter Upgrades which would bring an in-form auto-upgrade hitting the market February 15, the market truly is in a state of mess. See what’s happening to the prices now.
The better IFs are at similar prices: a fairly big chance to make coins?

For example, if having an in-form of any gold player that got upgraded, that card will be changed in team’s possession. However, in some cases, nothing at all will those changed and improved in-forms go up to. As we all know, it was rather tough to find an original in-form rating 80 overall and jumping all the way to 180K like Pogba on the market during the last few weeks.

Why FUTers are up in arms is not due to the new-82-overall Pogba is available for the same price, but because they expected a higher ranked card would bring more coins. Here come two words: supply and demand. Demand for any major player keeps the same throughout the year and only in some exceptional cases where a player excels on the world stage, the demand for that player can rise. While, supply is almost what makes prices up and down.
Some may still wonder why high-end players like Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic didn’t go down, when packs were being ripped for the new transfer cards. That’s because they are the most difficult players to pull. No matter how many packs are opened, the supplies for such players never get high enough with demand being equal. For example, when the most packs are opened at one time this year during the TOTY release, these cards barely went down, but for a short time they did owning to those that could actually afford Messi, Ronaldo or Ibra and demand rose for players of TOTY cards.

But now, with Pogba IF being the only high-end, in form Serie A CDM card, demand has always been high. Why when the card became an 82 overall with almost every in-game stat going up did demand go down? Everyone seems surprised when their Paul Pogba IF upgraded to be a better card overnight. They considered it would be more valuable since then and decided to put it up for sale. So when the overall supply of the card obviously can’t go up, the short-term supply will go up.

If more new buyers scoop up the higher rated Pogba card and existing holders of the card realize there isn’t much to be made if selling, the long-term supply will once again become the short-term supply (fairly low) and demand will go up with pricing potentials of going higher than the current rate (170k on Xbox- which was the exact price before the card was upgraded!).

This is only the first time IFs have been upgraded automatically, whether it’s Pogba, or SIF Benatia. But just remember these issues in the current weeks to possibly decrease just a tad more, before the long-term or overall supply meets up with this short-term supply and an increase in price follows.


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