Luis Suárez Shouted at Manager: Continuously Contracting Messi Does not Need any Reason

After Barcelona reversed athletic bilbao and entered into the top 8 of the Copa del Rey, Luis Suárez has accepted the media interview. He said he felt satisfied with the goal, but the most important thing was the team was risen in rank, “we are happy and satisfied with the collective work of the team.”


For the competition this time, Luis Suárez scored his 100th balls at Barcelona, and in suarez’s goals, there are 19 from Lionel messi assists, argentines also are the players who assisted Luis Suárez the most. After the competition, when it comes to the renewal problem of Lionel messi, suarez has responded the top CEO Oscar Grau from Barcelona. Grau said to messi’s contract problem before, and said: “must analysis the problem in detailed, keep calm, not to lose reason.”



Suárez said: “the club anyway need to contract with messi continuously, and we don’t need a reason on this issue. There is a reason for the matter that messi become the best in the world, every match has proved it, he can always use some wonderful things to make people feel surprising.”


For the trophy of the competition, Suárez said: “this victory can dramatically change our morale. This is what we want and need. The Barcelona players feel calm, because all of us have good training, results will come naturally.” For the issue of referees, suarez said: ” Gerard Piqué has expressed this own ideas, some people have ideas but they can’t speak it out. We are together with Gerard Piqué, although sometimes we have to be careful. The performance of the referees will trigger a discussion, some people will say something bad, for us, the most important thing is to continue to work hard.”


When it comes to the team’s defensive problems, Enrique said: “Barcelona now is in a state that it can score a gold even though the other party has no performance, what the other party do is not much, normal we should not get so much, but it also let us know, we must concentrate on the pitch.”

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