La Liga Samir Nasri: Hope to Play for Zinedine Zidane

In accepting Onze Mondial interview, the famous player Samir Nasri, who has playing for sevilla expressed that he hopes to cooperate with zinedine zidane. Samir Nasri said: ” Zinedine Zidane is so special, in the former 32 competitions he coached, I saw him get scores more than Pep Guardiola, Manuel Pellegrini and mourinho.”

“Even though he took over the team in the midwayof the season, but zidane has led to win the European champions, real Madrid now also leads the in the La Liga again. Now under the coach of zinedine zidane, real Madrid remains unbeaten record for such a long time, zinedine zidane’s performance is really amazing.” “I’ll be glad to cooperate with zinedine zidane, that means, I have to play for real Madrid.” Nasri said, “good player becomes a good coach, this is not common.”

However, nasri, said he is enjoying life at sevilla: “I have a good time in seville, we now bite tightening up in real Madrid, people are supposed to think la liga is the competition between real Madrid and Barcelona.”

Barcelona coach Enrique also is interviewed after the competition of yesterday. Although this is Barcelona’s first victory after New Year, enrique said 3 matches all make him proud, “as a manager, all three games make me proud. In all 3 games I have seen many similar things, seen the control of the football. Today there almost is no opportunityfor athletic bilbao.” For the MSN, Enrique pointed out: “we live in an exaggerated world. If MSN all need to prove themselves, that we can close our team. MSN enter no goal, they will give assists, all of them are key players. We don’t have any questions on these three players, it is ridiculous on doubting them.”

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