Is FIFA 17 Available in the PlayStation VR

In 2016, Sony PlayStation will release the Virtual Reality Headset of the latest version, and it will rise a lot of question about the number of games and the game compatibility, which also offers in the PlayStation VR. Check fifa coins reviews


However, among all the questions, the games fans would like to know the most is that in PLAYSTATION VR, whether other FIFA GAMES or FIFA 17 be available? For the answer, Sony responded that the fact they released the VR is because in the game they can deliver the presence sense. And for FIFA GAMES, especially FIFA 17, it is really perfect as you can fuse into the game, including its pressure, its excitement and its fans.

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It is unfortunate that for this tech, to develop this kind of environment spares so much time and it is believed that EA company now is not on the near side of them. And for the games that we can see on the platform of PS VR are environmental simulation mostly with not so much control over the gameplay in the overall views, instead of focusing on the virtual setting. But for the FIFA GAMES, it really needs the overall gameplay control before the game virtual reality version that can make, and then it surely takes so many time to achieve it.


And we surely can see that FIFA 18 will be in the PlayStation VR.


More news about the FIFA 17, where to buy fifa 17 coins we also can see that for the Scottish side Celtic fans, they focus on the EA Sports adding the home ground of their own, Parkhead to be a stadium. And in order to achieve it, a petition has made by them in, so as to let the game developers to know that now they are unhappy with what the EA treated Scottish venues. And Celtic played in the FIFA stadia in FIFA 16, the default FIFA 16/17 Stadium are not the only one. However, other teams at least can play in the stadium even though they don’t have their own stadium in the game.

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