How to Start FIFA 16 Ultimate Team?

There are only 11 days for the FIFA 16 gamers to welcome the FIFA 16. Everyone is excited to wait to start their FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. In order to make you guys can do well at the beginning of building your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, we would like to give you some tips to know how to start your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. There are many warm tips for you guys to learn more about FIFA 16 so that you can have a idea to know how to start your new FUT dream. Hope these tips can help you.


It is better for you guys to make a pre-order before you want to buy this game so that you can enjoy the free gold packs. Besides, you should pay attention to which edition you will buy and we recommend the standard edition for you due to you can save money and can get most of players in FIFA 16. Those who got the EA Access can enjoy the FIFA 16 earlier. According to EA Sports, there will be daily gift in the first day. Don’t miss it. 


Comparing to other kinds of items, the FIFA points is more valuable in FIFA 16 but you should spend the real money to purchase them. It is a good way for those who play FIFA games for the first time to watch the in-game tutorials which will do you a favor to have a good start to play FIFA 16. A good way to save 50% money is to ask for help from your friends so that they can send your the EAS FC items to you. 

Last but not least, if you want to buy cheap FIFA 16 coins and FIFA 16 points, just check the to know where is the best place to buy FIFA coins. We will recommend the best FIFA coins sellers for you guys. Have a nice day.

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