How to Play FIFA 20 with a Computer?

How to play FIFA 20 with a computer? Many players say the computer is not good at defending, so how does fifa20 defend?

The recommendation of defensive key
I found that the automatic pass-shot mode which is default, it can not only assist with passing and shooting, but it can also automatically fit in when defending. You just need to keep it in the right place, and when it’s time to run, you can run, which is easy to break the ball and often you can goal three times, because the computer wants to pass the ball or sally at its will. I have kept the formation very well, but the computer is still easy to pass the midfield, and it is free in the crowd near the penalty area. My defense is like a dummy.
It is also very difficult to play the weak team with the strong team and it will often lose the ball. After repeated groping, I finally found out the problem. The fifa20’s manual mode requires the function of manual control -LT L2 is no longer optional.
If you don’t press LT L2, you can also jockey for position in FIFA19. But now is not the same, if you don’t press LT L2, the players will not have the strength to fight. The player who is controlled by you completely in the state of eyes defending, and even a thin player can move effortlessly over your centre-back and defender’s defense.
This generative breakthrough is a threat. The speed of the players will no longer be restricted, so it often looks like a dragon going straight to the penalty area. After I discovered that it need to press the LT L2 to shove place, this kind of forced breakout will be within the controllable range. In short, if you don’t learn to press LTL2 in FIFA20, you can’t defense.

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