How to calculate Team Rating to get millions FIFA Coins

To manipulate FUT 14 for own benefit like making FIFA Coins and winning tournaments, FUTers need to know what Team Rating is and how to calculate.


What is Team Rating?
As a quality evaluation system, Team Rating allows FUTers to compare different teams purposely in terms of every player’s individual rating or overall in a team, that’s, all starting eleven plus the seven substitutes. Though a little subjective, player rating calculated will measure his reputation rather than his quality. Usually, team Rating varies from 0 (worst) to 99 (best). Besides measuring the quality of the team, the Star Rating is necessary and both are related to each other.
5 stars for team ratings above 80
4.5 stars for team ratings between 77 and 80
4 stars for team ratings between 74 and 76
3.5 stars for team ratings between 70 and 73
3 stars for team ratings between 66 and 69
2.5 stars for team ratings between 64 and 65
2 stars for team ratings between 62 and 63
1.5 stars for team ratings between 60 and 61
1 star for team ratings below 60


How to calculate?
Basically, Team Rating is the result of the average basing on all 18 players’ overalls and a correction value which gives different weights to the starting eleven, making them more important than the players starting on the bench.
First, FUTers need to know each one of the starting eleven and substitutes’ ratings to calculate the average between all 18 players’ ratings. Then sum all those ratings and divide the result by 18. Each player having rating superior to the average contributes positively to the correction factor with the difference between these two numbers. For the substitutes, this factor is divided by two.


That’s, TR (Team Rating) = AR (Average Rating) + CF (Correction Factor)


While the Correction Factor is calculated like:
CF = ((IR1 – AR) + … + (IR11 – AR) + (IR12 – AR)/2 + … + (IR18 – AR)/2) / 18
in which IRn – Individual Rating, Rating of the player number n

For example:


Consider the team shown on the image here. The starting eleven’s ratings are: 86, 85, 86, 86, 79, 88, 86, 87, 85, 88 and 85. The substitutes’ ratings are: 81, 82, 83, 87, 84, 84 and 83.


Step 1 – The AR calculation.


Sum all numbers together to get 1525. Divide it by 18 to get 84.72. Therefore, the AR is 85.

Step 2 – The correction factor calculation

CF = ((86-85)+(86-85)+(86-85)+(88-85)+(86-85)+(87-85)+(88-85)+(87-85)/2) / 18 = 13 / 18 = 0.72. That’ll be 1.

Step 3 – The team rating calculation

Add up the values obtained at step 1 and step 2, which equals 86.

Now is your turn to calculate your team as well as your opponents’!


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