How to Buy Safe and Cheap FIFA 15 Coins?


how to buy safe and cheap fifa 15 coins

How to know whether a website is secure and safe to buy FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coin?


Here are the best answers:

1. Social Networks
Check its social network like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to see if there are fans interactive or activities including giveaways, and how often the page updated. It is a direct way to know whether there are people buying coins there.
2. Customer Service
If there is no 24/7 online support or ways to contact the admin, it will be more dangerous to purchase. So you need to make sure if the website you will purchase is easy and safe to talk to the customer representatives, for refund or any questions about orders.
3. Refund Policy
You need to confirm you can request a full refund if you do not get your FIFA 15 coins in the given delivery time, like 5-10 minutes, how long to get your money back, like 24-48 hours.
4. Sponsorship
FIFA 15 coins sponsorship in YouTube or Twitch is a better way to evaluate the reputation of a website. If you buy coins via a sponsorship link, it means you do not need to worry about your money and coins. It is 100% safe.
5. Payments
You need to know how many payments a website accepted. The more the better and safer.
6. Delivery Time
If it takes you longer than 24 hours to get your coins, you should be on alert all the times.


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