How To Buy FIFA 16 Coins?

Just the same as the FIFA 15, there is still the price range to FIFA 16. However, comparing to FIFA 15, EA Sport has increase the price ranges to FIFA 16. That means it is easier for you to trade FIFA 16 coins. Today www.fifa-coins team would like to introduce two ways for you to buy FIFA 16 coins. Also you can choose these two ways on the top five FIFA coins websites on fifa-coins.























FIFA 16 Player Auction
For buying FIFA 16 coins via player auction through all consoles, you will get coins in seconds because, and have automatic delivery for FIFA 16 player auction. What you should pay attention to is you just can list 1-10 players in one order. First, you should enter your player name you already have. Second, search to get the player start price and the buy now player. Attention: don’t refresh this page, or you will fail to place your order. Third, list the player with the defined Start Price and Buy Now Price on the transfer market. Fourth, go back to the order page and search the player you listed and place the order.























FIFA 16 Coins Recharge,, and are available for the FIFA 16 Coins Recharge now. For this way to buy FIFA 16 coins, you should remind that there must be 500 coins at least in your account. You cannot log into your account during the coins recharge, or your order will be failed. It will take about 0-12 hours to finish your order. First, go to the website you want and choose your console. Then choose coins recharge and select the amount of coins you want to buy. Third, enter your contact Email, Origin Email, Origin Password and FUT Security Answer. Any wrong account information will make your order a delay. Fourth, pay your order and wait for the coins. By the way, you can log into the member center to check your order status and update your account information to proceed your order.



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