How to Buy FIFA 17 Coins If I Forgot My FUT Security Answer?























If you want to buy FIFA 17 Coins with Comfort Buy method, you need to offer the buyer your FUT Security Answer correctly. Or coins transfer will be failure.


Why need FUT Security Answer?
Well, with this method, the coins websites need to sign in your game account on their consoles. It means your account will be used on an untrusted console. Then the sellers will be asked to offer your FUT security Answer privately.


What happen if I offer the incorrect FUT Security Answer?
If you can not offer the sellers your correct FUT Security Answer, that means they will never login your account to transfer coins. What is worse, they are not allowed to try the FUT Security Answer more than 5 times. Or your account will be locked temporarily. It is difficulty to unlock the account and you are the only one who can. Either you can go to EA help center asking for help from online adviser, or reset the FUT Security Question again. Then offer sellers the correct one. Waste tons of time!


So remember that, please do not try the unsure or incorrect FUT Security Answer more than 3 times! That is safe to protect your account.


What should I do if I forgot the FUT Security Answer?

The only way is to reset your FUT Security Question. Here are the required steps:
1. Log out your account from your console (PS / XBOX / PC)
2. Clear your browser’s cache:
3. Go to the FIFA 15 Web App and log in your account:
4. After sign in your account, then click ‘Forget Answer?’ to ‘Lock Account’.
5. Then go back to your console PS / XBOX / PC to log in your account.
6. Enter the Ultimate Team mode.
7. You’ll be promoted to create a new Secret Question.